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Join Our Teacher Community Today!

We are gathering only the best of the best. Apply today and enjoy the benefits!

We offer:

✔ The flexibility to work from any location with payment by the hour or based on part-time/full-time shifts. 

✔ A complimentary profile and calendar on our website, underwritten by WT, allowing students and website members to find you online and book classes within your available hours. 

✔ Access to free training programs for mastering online teaching tools, equipping you to excel as a language teacher in today’s digital age. 

✔ A competitive salary and a generous bonus package, details of which will be disclosed after you successfully complete this initial stage.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey?

empleo maestro ingles
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empleo maestro ingles

We are always seeking qualified, self-driven, and enthusiastic teachers willing to make history with us by being part of the best team of language professionals.

If you think you have what it takes to excel in teaching in both online and offline environments, then apply today and join our team!


✔ High school diploma obtained.

✔ At least B2+ proficiency in speaking and writing the target language.

✔ Teaching experience is required.

✔ Understanding of Spanish or English (for training purposes).

✔ Access to a PC and WiFi, plus knowledge of software and apps applied to online teaching.

✔ Both native and non-native speakers are welcome.

Please DO NOT apply unless you meet these prerequisites.

Job openings for English teachers

Vacantes para maestros de inglés

Banderas de los idiomas que se enseñan en WT Idiomas
empleo maestro ingles

Tap / click on the image below to be directed to your online test.

Follow the instructions there and answer the multiple-choice questions before the time limit expires.

* If you can teach more than one language, we suggest you take the tests only for those languages in which you are certified.

* We will continue with the next step based on your test results.

Good luck! 😎

Complete the online test to assess your language proficiency level

Take the first step

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