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Profesor de inglés y alemán.

Hello, my name is Jürgen – I am German but have lived in Australia
for 30 years. When I migrated to Australia (in 1990) I already spoke
English quite well but of course I have become real fluent only after
living here for a year or two.

My first involvement in language education was teaching German
to two students, who (over a period of five years) became good
friends. The teaching only stopped because I had to relocate to
Western Australia - but this experience of gradually learning how to
teach was formative in my decision to become a language teacher.
In 2005, when my daughter had grown up, I decided to thoroughly
learn the basics of language education and completed my CELTA
with International House in Barcelona.

I have an international world-view and I am very comfortable with
cultural diversity, as demonstrated by my decisions to teach in
many different countries including Australia, the United Kingdom,
Poland, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru and Columbia. My
teaching experiences have involved multi-national classes (in
Australia and the UK), preparing students (individuals and classes)
for IELTS, and some Business English (in Italy and Mexico).

Extensive travels in South America were important to improve my
Spanish, which in turn provided me with additional awareness of
what it means to learn another language. I consider these
experiences to be a strength and advantage, specifically as a good
teacher must also be a willing learner. I also once again realized
that language production (speaking and writing) are the most
helpful elements for quickly improving one´s language skills.

As a teacher, I am committed to the needs of my students, both
their education and personal wellbeing. I am confident that all my
classes are engaging and develop each student’s curiosity and
interest.  To ensure this, I prepare each class carefully, outline
learning objectives and observe students’ abilities. Nevertheless, I
enjoy improvisation and flexibility. My approach includes revision,
to ensure that students understood what has been taught, and (due
to my social work experience) I am very responsive to their
feedback and requests for assistance.

Apart from travelling I have a lot of other hobbies: I enjoy bike-
riding, bush-walking and taking photographs; I am reasonably
talented to improve those photos with Photoshop. I also enjoy
gardening and cooking.

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